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SparMetric takes your martial arts training sessions to a whole new level. It provides in-depth statistics and analysis on every strike thrown and movement made. Overviews of your strengths and weaknesses. Mid-session tips to help you make crucial adjustments. Achievements to keep you motivated. And the edge to help you become the best martial artist you can be.


Designed to solve a need.

A built-in timer and coach.

Martial artists needed a way to set specific round lengths, rest lengths, and number of rounds for their sparring sessions. They also need a way to get a quick assessment of their performance in between rounds and a more detailed assessment at the end of the each session.

A simple and intuitive experience.

SparMetric was designed with big, bold, and concise visual elements and a simple app flow so users can get what they need when they need it—even on the cusp of exhaustion.


Designed for every level.

“I have been training since I was 8 years old and I was born to fight. SparMetric is amazing because it helps my coaches and I see the little mistakes I make during sparring that could cost me a fight. My team studies my stats for each sparring session to help me perfect my skills and keep me healthy for fights.”

Carlos Junior, professional mixed martial artist

“I train martial arts because it keeps me in excellent shape and I love the thrill of sparring. SparMetric helps me see the improvements I’ve been making and the achievements motivate me to continuously push harder."

Irene Fraser, fitness enthusiast

Visual Design

Designed with meaning.

Not just any colours.

SparMetric’s colour palette is sourced from Google Material and is inspired by MMA and boxing design themes. The primary colours of black and dark greys set a subdued and serious tone while the yellow accent colour adds a sense of action and energy. The secondary colours are used to represent the red and blue corners found in MMA and boxing matches are used to represent their respective stats.

700 #616161
800 #424242
900 #212121
Black #000000
Red 500 #F44336
Blue 500 #2196F3
Yellow A700 #FFD600

Just the right type.

SparMetric strictly follows the Google Material typography guidelines. Roboto is the standard typeface for Android and is extremely legible at any size and also works great on dark backgrounds. The provided Google Material typography styles are used for a consistent and familiar experience.

Iconic iconography.

Similar to colour and typography, SparMetric uses icons from Google Material. These icons are beautifully crafted, familiar, and easily recognizable.

User Experience

Designed for martial artists.

Get connected.

The more SparSensors paired, the better. Headgear SparSensors track head movement and head damage. Body SparSensors track overall core movement and body damage. Glove SparSensors track punch speed, accuracy, and power. And Shinguard SparSensors track kicks and footwork.

Ready, set, spar.

Set the round length, rest length, and number of rounds — then just hit play. As you spar, SparMetric will automatically record and analysis every punch, kick, movement, and impact. And as you rest between rounds, SparMetric will let you know what you did right and what you did wrong so you can make those crucial mid-session adjustments.

Every stat you’ll ever need.

SparMetric gives you every stat you’ll ever need to improve your training and keep you injury-free. These detailed stats give you and your coaches a deeper look into your skillset and are a powerful tool in helping you hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. And with a Headgear Sensor, you’ll know if you’ve taken too much head damage so you can stay in the best shape possible.

Reach for the stars.

Achievements can help make training fun, motivate you to push harder, and even give you some well-earned bragging rights.